The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways, including how we eat. Over the past year, many people turned to online delivery services as a safer alternative to in-store grocery shopping. Meat delivery services have become particularly popular, and this sizzling trend shows no signs of cooling down.


These days, top-quality cuts of beef, fresh seafood, free-range chicken, and even hard-to-find options like bison and elk are only a few clicks away. In addition to convenience, meat delivery services offer farm-to-doorstep meat that’s often far superior to what you’ll find in the display case at the local supermarket. Whether you’re in search of exotic meats, the juiciest steak, or ultra-sustainable food options, these six premium meat delivery services will help you put something tasty on your table.

White Oak Pastures
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Best Sustainability Practices: White Oak Pastures

Six generations and 152 years after it was founded, White Oak Pastures is at the forefront of sustainable farming. This family farm in rural Georgia currently raises 10 different free-pasture animals––ranging from cattle to rabbits––and backs up its ultra-sustainable practices with humane, non-GMO, grass-fed, and organic certifications.

Additionally, thanks to the company’s on-site meat processing facility, White Oak is a zero-waste farm: Every part of the animal gets used. White Oak offers nationwide shipping on a wide variety of meats and organic vegetables, too.

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Wild Alaskan Seafood Company meat delivery
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Best Sustainably Sourced Seafood: Wild Alaskan Seafood Company

The Wild Alaskan Seafood Company makes finding sustainably sourced seafood easy: The company offers a monthly (or bi-monthly) seafood membership that brings wild-caught seafood—salmon, white fish, or a combo box—to your doorstep. All of the fish is flash-frozen for maximum freshness and pre-portioned for easy cooking.

[Starting at $132 per month;]

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Butcher Box meat delivery
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Best Subscription: Butcher Box

Butcher Box brings premium, sustainably raised beef, poultry, and seafood (all antibiotic- and hormone-free) straight from the farm to your table. Five different box options—including a custom box—are available, and with free shipping and an average meal cost of five dollars, it’s an affordable, convenient way to satisfy your protein needs.

[Boxes starting at $129 per month;]

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E3 Meat Company meat delivery
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Best Steak Delivery: E3 Meat Company

Former MLB player Adam LaRoche has returned to his rural roots with the E3 Meat Company. What began as a small cattle ranching operation on his ranch in Kansas has expanded into a nationwide meat delivery service. To keep up with demand, the company partners with local ranchers that have adopted its E3 Certified Program—this ensures all of the cattle are raised responsibly and without added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

You’ll find various cuts of beef and even dog treats on the website, but E3’s steaks are phenomenal. They’re wet-aged for 28 days and then individually wrapped and flash-frozen to preserve flavor and texture. You’ll definitely taste the difference.

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Fulton Fish Market
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Best Variety of Seafood: Fulton Fish Market

Since 1822, New York City’s Fulton Fish Market has been bustling with lively fishmongers, curious tourists, and heaps of fresh fish (especially in its massive new location in The Bronx, where it moved in 2005). Even if you can’t visit in person, you can still get a taste thanks to this online delivery service.

You won’t find a larger selection of fresh fish anywhere on the internet. With dozens of different options––including dozens of varieties of wild-caught fish––you’re guaranteed to find the fillet you’re looking for.

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Fossil Farms
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Best for Exotic Meats: Fossil Farms

If you’re tired of the same rotation of meats on your plate, Fossil Farms will become your go-to for more interesting options. From alligator to yak and everything in between, the company offers a range of sustainable alternatives to the typical protein options. Sourcing both farm-raised and wild-caught game, exotic meats, game birds, and traditional meats, Fossil Farms provides full transparency about where its meats come from. The company adheres to strict sustainability guidelines, ships throughout the continental United States, and offers reasonable prices, too. If you’re ready to expand your protein spectrum, Fossil Farms is your best bet.

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