by Daniyal Ahmad Khan from Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art based on submissions and grappling, whose main theme is to control a resisting opponent in multiple ways using different techniques like ground fighting and submission holds. Due to the fact that controlling an opponent on the ground is generally easier than outside or in normal life. This martial art is different and has many of the techniques that are centered around the art of taking an opponent down to the ground and wrestling for dominant control positions from where the opponents can be rendered harmless.

BJJ gives you the best martial arts in the world. If you are small, and you practice BJJ, you can defend yourself against a person double your size.

No disrespect for the other martial arts, never. I respect every martial art.

But a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu pretty much can beat any black belt in other martial art. BJJ is a kind of martial art based on joint locks, chokes, immobilizations, and it was created so the smallest person could beat the biggest person. You don’t have to compete to enjoy BJJ. A lot of people come because they can lose a lot of weight. They can release their stress, they can make friends, they can be part of the team. But the main reason I think is because they are learning the best self-defense in the world. 

What I’m going to show you guys now: pull guard. All right? There are a couple of ways to pull guard. There is this way here, the traditional one,

that you go here, and you pull, Okay, from here you can go to biceps, from here you can go to hook, and do transitions, From here you can go to armbar, from here you can go to XXXX, right? Fine.

This is one kind of pull. Even if you don’t have the flexibility you can be really good in BJJ. If you are short, you can be really good at BJJ. Because there is a game for each type of body. So there is no perfect body for BJJ anymore. Before I would say long legs with long arms and good flexibility.

But today, it doesn’t matter. There is a game for everyone. I’m relatively tall for a woman, I’m very flexible, and I have really strong legs, so that makes me like a perfect guard person, which is the bottom game. And so I like to play close guard, which is strong legs, and I like to play scissor guard and do the armbars and the triangles, and that’s all the flexibility. Doing all the sweeps and the armbars and the triangles too requires a lot of flexibility in your hips, which I have, That’s a choke.

History of Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ):

In 1914 module My Era Aka Count Koma emigrated from Japan to Brazil Matua was at the Japanese of Jiu Rica George Gracie who was a local politician assisted Matul and coming to Brazil as a showing of his appreciation and gratitude Mitsuo My ADA trained George’s son Carlos Gracie as time went on Carlos taught his brothers jiu-jitsu which is translated to the gentle art and they later opened up their first jiu-jitsu Academy together in 1925 Carlos and Helio Gracie are known to have refined the art and tested its application in a real fight scenario the Gracie challenge was created which was an open invitation to anyone who wanted to engage in a basically no rules fight against a gracie jiu-jitsu practitioner gracie jiu-jitsu or brazilian jiu-jitsu is designed so smaller individuals can best a larger attacker via leverage positioning and Submission holes gracie further adapted the art right around 1970 incorporating more effective techniques some from the art and sport of wrestling he also created the first point in rule system for competition jiu-jitsu in the early nineteen nineties Horry and Gracie moved from Brazil to Los Angeles in hopes to display the effectiveness of his family’s adapted style of jiu-jitsu poliana and gentleman known as art Davie created an event called the Ultimate Fighting Championship the purpose of the event was to match up various martial arts styles against each other and discover which is the most effective in a real fight in other words show which style is the best the first UFC event occurred in 1993 and Hor Eons younger brother Hoist Gracie dominated the event. Hoist was chosen to represent the art in the family because he wasn’t necessarily a large or imposing man they felt it would look more impressive to see hoist who was outweighed and smaller than most if not all of his opponents defeat them in a limited Rules fight in real time which cemented the validity and effectiveness of the Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu art the plan worked because hoist won four fights in a single night defeating each opponent matched up against him besides again giving them considerable size and strength the martial arts landscape and wool will never be the same again when it was evident in order to be a complete fighter you had to have effective submission grappling skill whether offensive or defensive BJJ was the art that just had to be learned after the first UFC event poised being victorious and that first tournament created an explosion of interest in the art and the rest is history there will be no mixed martial arts as we know it without BJJ there simply is no serious mixed martial artists out there that doesn’t train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu or submission grappling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a beautiful art and it’s ever-evolving with practitioners adding new techniques and moves building off of the techniques refined before them thank you for watching this segment guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did consider giving it a like sharing this article would greatly appreciate it if this segment is popular and you guys enjoyed it I’ll certainly do more guides on different martial arts. Again thanks for reading again and take care.

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