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Bājíquán (八極拳) or shorter just Baji, is commonly known as “the martial art of bodyguards”. It emphasises the use of attacks that close down the distance as well as explosive close combat techniques such as combinations of elbow, knee and takedown techniques.

Both Rikard Elofsson and Miika Wikberg are senior Baji students of Lü Baochun, based in Finland who has over 40 years’ experience in the training and practice of baji. He has trained under many of the famous martial artists who used the style, such as Han Longquan and Zhang Xuchun.


0.40: – Rikard – Introduce yourself/how did you meet your teacher Master Lü Baochun?

3.15: – Miika – Introduce yourself/how did you meet your teacher Master Lü Baochun?

7.15: What makes Baji different to other martial arts?

8.30: Old Baji and new Baji

9.20: Trademark techniques of Baji

10.15: How is Baji power different? Training methods and the 3 stepping methods –

12.40: The forms and sets in the Baji system

19.20: The history of Baji

25.15: The mixing of Baji and Pigua

26.09: Baji and body guarding

29.41: Is Baji hard to practice?

31.29: Baji and stamping/stomping

34.34: Baji and Tai Chi being taught together

36.25: How to train with Master Lü Baochun

38.00: Do you spar?

40.15: Can you add Baji to an existing skill set?

41.05 Is there a Baji Qigong?

42.18 Are there Baji conditioning exercises?

43.54 Iron Body and Baji

44.35 How do you integrate Baji with other arts?

47.24: Baji standing exercises

51.00 – Wrap up and the Muhammad Ali influence


The Baji Association (English):

Bajiquan Wasa

Baji Kung Fu Stockholm:

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