The Tai Chi Notebook has been going for a number of years now, and while I’ve always enjoyed writing blogs about Tai Chi and Chinese martial arts for free, it’s becoming increasingly time consuming, especially now I’m also producing one podcast a month too! Without your support the venerable Notebook is in danger of grinding to a halt, but luckily there is something you can do about it!

If you’re a fan of what I’m writing then you might like to consider becoming my first patron. Over on my patreon page you can sign up and support my work. My first tier starts at just £3, which is $4.50 a month.

This money will enable me to keep making the content you’re enjoying, and inspire me to make more time to make more of it too! Plus, it will give you access to exclusive content, and each new patron will get a mention in the next edition of the podcast.

I plan to have exclusive posts and articles for patrons, plus the ability to download an ad-free version of the podcast (downloads are currently not supported, it’s streaming-only.). In the longer term I want to add a higher tier that will contain video clips, but that’s all to come. Right now I’m going to concentrate on adding my first exclusive patron-only article in the next couple of weeks.

Sign up, support my work and become a patron today!

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